doom doom doom (faeriestarrx) wrote in strangexwanted,
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i haven't posted in a while...

and since then, i have gauged my ears to a zero. and had my septum pierced...

plus random neat photo:


now... must go promote community.
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Septum peircings are VERY cool.
On a scale of 1 - 15, how much did it hurt? XD

And my ears ar 00!
Way to go!
the septum is the least painful piercing i've ever had. the only other two i've had before are my nostril and my eyebrow. they don't really pierce through cartilage, but through a thin layer of skin. the worst part is hearing it pierce through the skin. and your eyes tear up really bad, but other then that, on a scale of 1 - 15, with 15 being the most painful and 1 being like getting your ears pierced at a place like claires... i would say about a 3, maybe a 4.

hope that was helpful.

yeah, that's awesome
I don't know anyone with it, and have always wanted to get it, so I could never get a decent idea.

So I'm guessing it'll hurt less than my lip peircing did.

thankies :)
you're very welcome. and yes, it will definately hurt less then your lip piercing.

awesome actuallly depends on the person. My septum hurt more than my lip. But my ear [got an inverted industrial..which goes though your darth..or dathe..whaevat] and that hurt the most
daith, lol

I want a daith peircing. Just so I can wear the little spiral hoop thingy, lol