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* la la da welcome to the strange*

Name and nick names: meagan- nicknames: meg,meggy,meggers,meggaroni and cheese,megopolis,meg-meg,knickers,bunshkin,meggalicious,meggaloser,meagany,megarama,meggie,bitch,megaloo,sleezy bimbo, and a gazillion more.!!

that time you came to this world:4/11/89 yesss that means im 15.

where are you stationed:floridaaa

got any unique talents: i can fly.

got dyed hair: nope

 piercings: do gauges count, well if they do i have a 6. i will soon have a 2.

tattoos: not yet.

monkeys: like it in the butt.

a couch with zebra print: makes me horny.

3 - 5 bands you like: murderdolls,blood brothers,anti flag,suicide machines,kittie

give me three good movies: pirates of the carribbean- grind- blow

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