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Name and nick names: Raina
nicknames include: the propagandist, Reinhard, Rai, comrade
that time you came to this world: June 28th 1989 at 9:56am
where are you stationed: New England
got any unique talents: Due to weak ankles, they're more flexible than normal, I can yodel... and I wouldn't call this a talent, but saber fencing.
got dyed hair: Nope
piercings: 12g in each ear lobe, and an industrial soon
tattoos: Nope
monkeys: in my shoes
a couch with zebra print: should magically appear in my room
3 - 5 bands you like: The Living End, Cake, NOFX, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Catch 22
give me three good movies: Spies Like Us, The Notebook, Napoleon Dynamite

At my friend's house, as we were walking around, I randomly decided to perch here upon this giant orange barrel...

I got bored once, and this was the result. Oh, and a little too much of the song "Keasbey Nights"

At my cousin's house, me and my fedora <3

At an aunt's house, where my friend got a strange shot of me wearing my little cousin's sunglasses while posing with my little cousin's plastic cell phone. I oddly look tan in this picture


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