you're a killer (sullenstain) wrote in strangexwanted,
you're a killer


Name and nick names: tori but. they call me toryé
that time you came to this world: august 6, 1988 at 8:56 p.m.
where are you stationed: i. am in the land of mary.
got any unique talents: i see ghosts. no. really. other than that i play piano.
got dyed hair: just blonde. as soon as i can figure out how to hide it from my dad, i'm going either pink or blue.
piercings: ears
tattoos: soon
monkeys: in my closets.
a couch with zebra print:a bed.
3 - 5 bands you like:
dir en grey
le tigre
for the meantime
this wall canvas

give me three good movies:
the notebook
the shape of things
donnie darko

thrifting....i bought the shirt.

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